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Outsource SEO for more growth

Outsource search engine optimization (SEO) or do it yourself?
Experience teaches us: now that online visibility is more important than ever, you only stay ahead of the competition if you really know what you're doing.

Gone are the days when basic SEO tactics sufficed. Today, to outshine competitors and capture your audience's attention, you need more than just a cursory understanding of search engine algorithms. You need a comprehensive strategy executed flawlessly by seasoned professionals.

Imagine a scenario where every aspect of your online presence – from website optimization to content marketing – is meticulously curated to resonate with both search engines and your target audience. This level of precision isn't just desirable; it's imperative for sustained growth and relevance in an increasingly competitive market.

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Our Approach

Get more leads
An SEO specialist ensures that search engines index your pages effectively. This makes the difference between having traffic on your site or not.

Stay ahead
An SEO specialist always has the latest knowledge to ensure your site attracts a daily flow of relevant visitors.

Reach the right audience
An SEO specialist ensures that your content aligns with the needs and search intent of your target audience. This increases the likelihood of conversion.

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Why search engine optimization?

Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable SEO specialists never do things haphazardly. Tingos Web loves to delve deeply into your SEO needs:

We develop a plan for your site, considering aspects like technology, authority, and content.
Baseline & keyword research
We analyze your current website, compare it with competitors, and conduct potential keyword research.
Continuous optimizations
By focusing on authority, link building, and content optimization, we consistently outperform the competition.
We ensure improved keyword positions for your key services or products.
You'll attract more visitors, especially those relevant to your site.
Revenue and/or conversion
This results in more growth, improved revenue, and/or increased conversion rates.

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How you can optimize your SEO is detailed in the quick scan. We take the time to analyze your website. Within 1 week, you'll receive optimization tips for technology, outpacing SEO competition, and improved keywords and positions.

Our Process

Working with us is effortless and leaves you more time for the important stuff.

Research and Strategy

We begin with in-depth research and analysis to understand your business, industry, and audience


Design and Development

Our team of designers and developers then work together to create innovative solutions that align with your goals



Once the solutions are in place, we continuously monitor and optimize to ensure optimal performance and results


Marketing & Growth

Once the solutions are in place, we continuously monitor and optimize to ensure optimal performance and results


Why do we stand out from the crowd?

You must have seen a lot of digital marketing companies making promises, but we don’t just make promises; we deliver results. Our passionate team members care about your success, and we strive to develop incredible strategies to achieve your unique goals.

Get fast results

We know how disappointing it is to wait for months to see the results you want. So, Tingis Web focuses on developing online marketing and lead-generation strategies that deliver results quickly. 

We know our stuff

The winning team of Tingis Web is packed with industry experts who know how to grow your business quickly. We translate our knowledge into clear and actionable plans that you understand.

All about you

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach because every business is unique and has different goals to achieve. We take the time to research and customize an awesome strategy that’s right for you.

Always stay ahead

The digital marketing world always keeps changing. However, the good part is that Tingis Web always stays at the forefront of the market by using the latest trends and technologies to make your campaigns effective.

Grow with us

We’re not here just for the quick wins. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. As your business grows, Tingis Web is there at each step, supervising your digital marketing strategies to help you stand out. 

Helping you win

The success of your company means the success of Tingis Web. Our winning team of industry experts invests in your victories and works tirelessly to ensure your digital marketing efforts help you achieve your goals. 

Improve your SEO traject

What will we do to improve your position in Google? At the onset of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trajectory, we always begin by clearly formulating the question/problem, defining the desired objectives, and mapping out your target audience.

Only then can we develop a comprehensive plan for a successful SEO trajectory.
We conduct what's known as a baseline measurement to gain insight into the current state of affairs. From this baseline measurement, we extract a wealth of information about the current situation and establish realistic objectives.

Our team of SEO specialists analyzes this data and subsequently crafts a Plan of Action to initiate your SEO strategy. Since the internet is constantly evolving, it's crucial to continuously adjust your SEO strategy as needed. Monitoring and measuring are key in this process. At Tingis Web, we have the right people and tools on board to provide ongoing support in this regard.

Local SEO

If you're primarily interested in local visibility, we can assist you with that as well.
The fundamental optimization principles apply here, but there are specific factors that need to be tailored for effective local visibility.

We're always curious about the underlying question behind your query. If your concern revolves around local visibility, our SEO audit and subsequent integration will be customized accordingly.

Tingis Web assists you in climbing higher on Google. We achieve this through various strategies, including:
SEO Consultancy
Link Building
Content Marketing
Technical SEO

SEO for small and medium-sized businesses

How does search engine optimization work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?
Search engine optimization (SEO) can benefit any business, regardless of its size. Unfortunately, many SMBs lack the time or expertise to focus on SEO.

As a result, opportunities for online visibility go untapped, and businesses struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors on Google.

Especially as competition intensifies, investing in SEO is crucial for SMBs. Even in today's landscape, there are ample opportunities to rank higher on Google both locally and nationally. Tingis Web have successfully assisted numerous SMBs in achieving this goal.

Paid or organic Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a field in online marketing that primarily focuses on organic search engine optimization. This encompasses all the changes, both on and off your website, that you can theoretically implement at no cost to improve your visibility on Google.

This includes activities such as link building, Content Marketing, and Technical SEO.

Sometimes, there's also mention of paid search engine optimization. In this case, it refers to search engine advertising, commonly known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

It's important not to confuse these two. However, they can complement each other, and you can apply SEO principles when creating advertisements and corresponding landing pages on your website.

What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks among the most effective online marketing techniques you can employ. It offers numerous advantages for businesses, of which we highlight the six most significant below:

Long-term high visibility on Google.
Well-executed search engine optimization ensures sustainable top positions in Google that a business can maintain for years to come.
No advertising costs.
With SEO, you don't pay advertising costs for high positions in the search engine, requiring minimal investment beyond time and expertise.
Relevant website visitors.
By making your website discoverable on relevant keywords, SEO attracts visitors with specific search or purchase intent.
More leads and customers.
24/7 promotion on Google to a relevant audience inevitably leads to an increase in leads and customers, provided your website is optimized accordingly.
User-friendly website.
SEO compels you to make your website faster, safer, and more user-friendly, encouraging visitors to return.
Authority and brand awareness.
A top position on Google instills trust with your target audience, enhances brand awareness, and elevates your authority in your industry.

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization

While the fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization are simple, executing them successfully is complex.
There are hundreds of ranking factors that determine a website's position in Google, and meanwhile, the competition is continuously evolving.
For most businesses in the SMB sector, it's nearly impossible to daily manage all these factors and attain a top position in Google.
This is why many companies and organizations opt to outsource SEO to an agency.

This allows internal staff to allocate time to crucial business processes while ensuring the company benefits from external expertise that yields proven results.

Due to the sustainable nature and effectiveness of SEO, the return on investment from outsourcing it to an agency is often quickly realized.

Advice from a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Do you have some knowledge of SEO but still aren't achieving the desired results with your website on Google?

In that case, seeking advice from a specialist with a fresh and objective perspective can add significant value. This allows you to gain insight into the key areas for improvement on your website and uncover the major marketing opportunities your business might currently be missing out on.

The SEO consultants at Tingis Web have assisted numerous companies like yours in achieving top positions on Google through search engine optimization.

During a no-obligation introductory meeting, our experts are eager to provide advice on improving your online results.

Let’s grow your business today

Stop struggling and getting lost online. For a quick business turnaround and long-term ROI, our team is ready to advise you. Contact now!

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