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Real Estate & Realtors

Are you tired of prospecting for real estate leads or clients and getting less or no return? What if more qualified leads come to you, you get more traffic on your property listings, and your sales go up? It’s exciting, right? That’s the power of Tingis Web real estate's digital marketing.

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Tingis Web helps you attract car buyers looking for their next ride. We'll showcase your great inventory to get your dealership noticed. With Google ads that target the right audience and engaging social media posts, we'll connect you with drivers searching for their perfect car. Get ready for more leads and sales in the automotive industry. 

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Retail and eCommerce

The retail landscape is evolving faster than ever. You need to evolve with time to stay ahead of the competition; otherwise, your business will suffer from low traffic and conversion rates. Tingis Web understands the unique challenges of today's competitive market and uses powerful marketing tactics to help you grow your business. 

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Education & eLearning

Now, you can reach a wider audience and help more learners with effective digital marketing strategies. Tingis Web enables you to create interesting educational content and connects you with your students seeking educational resources.

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Energy, Infrastructure & Environment

Let's make your dedication to being eco-friendly stand out in a busy market. We'll create special campaigns to connect with people and businesses who care about the environment to spread awareness and help you grow. Using this strategy, we’ll help you make caring for the environment work in your favor.

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Tourism & Hospitality

Join us at Tingis Web on a journey through the vibrant tourism sector. Our solutions aim to create memorable digital experiences, from user friendly booking platforms to creative travel guides. Whether you are a travel agency, hotel or tourist destination, our web and mobile development strategies are designed to enhance your online presence and provide your audience with an unforgettable digital journey.

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Navigate the complexities of Logistics with Tingis Web, where we develop platforms that streamline operations, optimize logistics, and enhance customer experiences. Our web development initiatives are crafted to meet the specific needs of businesses within the logistics sector, ensuring seamless digital solutions for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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In the dynamic realm of Telecommunications, Tingis Web stands as your premier digital partner. Our goal is to deliver seamless online experiences that captivate and engage. From innovative solutions to interactive communication, we leverage modern technology to keep your audience hooked in the digital era.

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Public and Social Sector

Navigate the digital frontier of the Public and Social Sector with us. Our expertise lies in creating digital platforms that facilitate communication, engagement, and efficient service delivery to citizens. From government agencies to social organizations, our web development strategies are designed to empower entities within the public and social sectors to better connect with and serve their communities.

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Within the diverse landscape of Industry, we align with businesses to enhance operational efficiency through digital solutions. From supply chain management to process optimization, our web development strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of industrial sectors. We strive to streamline operations and drive innovation, contributing to the success of businesses operating in this dynamic environment.

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Discover our expertise in Healthcare at Tingis Web. We specialize in creating secure, user-friendly platforms for healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients. Our goal is to enhance the digital experience in healthcare, fostering innovation and efficiency.

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Financial Services

Tingis Web leads the digital revolution in finance with a perfect blend of security, innovation, and excellence. From banking to fintech, we redefine the future of financial services with our innovative solutions crafted to enhance the digital experience for both financial institutions and end-users. From robust banking platforms to cutting-edge fintech applications

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