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With a strong online marketing strategy we take your online visibility to a higher level. This includes search engine optimization, marketing automation, social media marketing, Google ads and link building. Because it happens online.

To get the attention of your target group, it is very important to be visible online. With the help of an Online Marketing Strategy, we clearly map out your objectives, we investigate the question behind the question and we determine how we will achieve your goals.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

With the help of an Online Marketing Strategy, we map the current situation and we can measure where things are going well or less well and where the most profit can be achieved.

We see where the target group is located and how we can reach it as effectively as possible.

Data & Innovation

Based on this data, we draw up a plan and are able to monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary.
Together, this allows us to choose the right channels, develop the right content and select the right online tools for the best online results.

Because data is knowledge and this knowledge enables us to stay current and respond to the ever-changing online needs of the target group.

An online marketing strategy is tailor-made

To get and keep the objectives clear, we draw up an Action Plan in advance. Based on the Customer Journey that we complete together, we determine the content forms, (sub) objectives and the channels to be used. This ensures that your online marketing strategy is a fully customized plan that fits within your marketing budget. It is important for us to know what the budget is to ensure that we achieve the best result for you within the desired framework.

Our Process

Working with us is effortless and leaves you more time for the important stuff.

Research and Strategy

We begin with in-depth research and analysis to understand your business, industry, and audience


Design and Development

Our team of designers and developers then work together to create innovative solutions that align with your goals



Once the solutions are in place, we continuously monitor and optimize to ensure optimal performance and results


Marketing & Growth

Once the solutions are in place, we continuously monitor and optimize to ensure optimal performance and results


Why do we stand out from the crowd?

You must have seen a lot of digital marketing companies making promises, but we don’t just make promises; we deliver results. Our passionate team members care about your success, and we strive to develop incredible strategies to achieve your unique goals.

Get fast results

We know how disappointing it is to wait for months to see the results you want. So, Tingis Web focuses on developing online marketing and lead-generation strategies that deliver results quickly. 

We know our stuff

The winning team of Tingis Web is packed with industry experts who know how to grow your business quickly. We translate our knowledge into clear and actionable plans that you understand.

All about you

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach because every business is unique and has different goals to achieve. We take the time to research and customize an awesome strategy that’s right for you.

Always stay ahead

The digital marketing world always keeps changing. However, the good part is that Tingis Web always stays at the forefront of the market by using the latest trends and technologies to make your campaigns effective.

Grow with us

We’re not here just for the quick wins. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. As your business grows, Tingis Web is there at each step, supervising your digital marketing strategies to help you stand out. 

Helping you win

The success of your company means the success of Tingis Web. Our winning team of industry experts invests in your victories and works tirelessly to ensure your digital marketing efforts help you achieve your goals. 

1. Mission and message

Without a clear mission it is impossible to draw up a strategy. What do you want to achieve with your company? What corporate identity do you want to convey to the outside world? And what are the most important core values of your organization? Asking these critical questions provides more clarity about your mission and its feasibility.You can distill a powerful message from your mission. At its core, this message is about what you do and how you do it. It is important that you clearly state what makes your company different from other companies or organizations. Make it clear who you are, what you want to achieve and what makes you different from competitors in your industry.

2. Target group and personas

Once you know what you want to achieve with an online marketing strategy, the question is who you want to reach. Based on existing data within your organization, you can map out which target group your customers belong to. In addition, you may want to tap into new target groups with online marketing. In that case too, it is important to define this in concrete terms.A good way to determine target groups is to translate them into personas. Personas are imaginary characters that each represent a specific segment of your desired customer base. Based on these profile sketches, you make the problems, wishes and needs of your ideal customers tangible and you can address them more specifically in your online marketing.

3. Channels and customer journey

You now know who you want to reach, but do you also know where you can reach these people? Mapping the online channels where your target group is located is an essential step in an online marketing strategy. For example, a B2C target group will generally be on different channels and platforms than a B2B target group. Make this customer journey transparent.A channel analysis can sometimes reveal surprising insights. For example, it may turn out that your target group is hardly present on the social media platform that you prefer to use. By discovering this at an early stage and adjusting your strategy, you avoid spending a large part of your marketing budget on a channel without a good ROI.

4. Choosing resources

To reach your target group on different channels, you can use different marketing resources. For example, if you want to score high in Google, (local) search engine optimization, content marketing, link building and Google Ads are very suitable for this. However, in a good online marketing strategy it is advisable to spread your opportunities across multiple channels.As a result, many companies nowadays not only focus on findability in Google, but also use resources such as social media advertising. Many target groups are easy to reach with advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Based on the personas you previously formulated, you can choose the best channels and associated resources yourself.

5. Make competitive analysis

Being present on the channels where your target group is located does not guarantee success. Is the competition on a certain channel enormous? Then it may be more cost-effective to focus your marketing budget on other resources and channels.

If you want to outdo the competition, it may be smart to devote even more resources to that one channel.A competitive analysis is therefore essential in a good online marketing strategy. What competitors are there? How much budget is needed to trump them? And how will you distinguish yourself in your communication towards the target group? Also be inspired by the successes of competitors to improve and sharpen your own strategy.

6. Determine budget

No matter how beautiful your plans are, without a sufficient budget you will never be able to realize them. Therefore, map out how much budget you need each month for each marketing tool you want to use. This may show that success on one channel entails a greater investment than the other channel.

Compare not only the costs per channel and resource, but also the possible returns. For example, Google Ads will provide a quick but temporary result (as soon as you stop advertising you are no longer visible), while link building takes more time but does provide lasting results. Take these types of considerations into account when determining an optimal distribution of your marketing budget.

7. Goals and KPIs

Now that it is clear what and who you want to achieve, you can link concrete goals to your online marketing strategy. You now know on which channels your target group is present and what budget you have at your disposal to become visible to these people.

Based on this, formulate clear objectives and (sub) objectives per channel and make these concrete, realistic and measurable.Measurable and quantifiable goals can be translated into so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Examples of KPIs include the number of visitors to your website, the advertising costs you pay per lead or the ROI (Return on Investment) on your marketing budget. The measurability of these types of KPIs is one of the major advantages of online marketing.

8. Monitor and adjust

After identifying your most important objectives and KPIs, you can continuously focus on this during the implementation of your online marketing strategy.
For example, monitor whether content marketing has the desired effect on your number of website visitors, whether your costs per lead from Facebook advertising are as low as hoped and whether there is a positive ROI in general.

Thanks to all the data that is available online in analysis tools, you can quickly identify when certain channels or resources are not giving the desired result. You can also decide to spend more budget on things that work well. By continuously monitoring and adjusting, you can fine-tune the results of your strategy every month and thus improve your ROI.

Let’s grow your business today

Stop struggling and getting lost online. For a quick business turnaround and long-term ROI, our team is ready to advise you. Contact now!

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