Volkswagen  Promotional video VW T-ROC


R.A Motor has reached out to Tingis Web in order to shoot a Promotional Video for the launch of their latest car : Volkswagen T-ROC in Morocco

Volkswagen - R.A Motor
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Tangier, Morocco



⚔️ Our client aimed to distinguish themselves and showcase a Promotional Video that resonates with the cultural preferences of the typical Moroccan buyer. Also, Tingis Web had the obligation to adhere to the standards upheld by Volkswagen, the automotive giant.



💊 A comprehensive market study has been conducted for the purpose of determining and combining the requirements of the automotive market, the client's preferences and the avenues where we could channel our creativity.




📌 The delivered work has received a highly positive response from the client. The video gave the new Volkswagen vehicle a distinct touch of class and practicality. Our approach resonated also with the potential buyers by capturing their attention and fostering a sense of intrigue surrounding the product. The combination of these elements helped position the Volkswagen vehicle in a favorable light within the market.


Collaboration result

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