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We have developed a mobile solution to optimize SIM-card distribution on the field. Using AI, this solution helped INWI to reduce time in processing, monitor the distribution and time management.

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Tangier, Morocco



⚔️ Operation Marhaba welcomes back Moroccans abroad in summer with airport/port measures. Our client, Inwi, sets up stands, distributing SIM cards upon filling out a form. It was challenging / discouraging for the already exhausted and just-arrived passengers to fill out this form. This dissonance had an impact on the number of SIM cards distributed, and phone credits purchased.




💊 In that sense, Tingis Web provided Inwi's salespeople with a newly developped mobile App. This App uses AI to scan a passport, and extract useful information from it : First name, last name, birth date, etc. This info is later used to fill out a form required to hand out these SIM cards.



This App was also used to collect decisive data, such as peak-sales times of the day, the revenue made by each salesperson, etc.




📌 The mobile App has crowned this fruitful collaboration, as it helped Inwi distribute more SIM cards and charge phone credits to visitors who would not have taken the time to fill the form, had it been manual as earlier.


This solution has also provided our client with valuable analytical data, on the basis of which they could make predictions and adjust their objectives and eventual actions.

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