HCP - 2024 Census Project


HCP, Haut Commissariat au Plan, entrusted Tingis Web with the prestigious task of creating the official website for the 2024 Census Project in Morocco. This innovative digital platform was meticulously crafted to serve as the central hub for real-time information and updates related to the Moroccan census.

Haut Commissariat au Plan (HCP)
Company Site
Rabat, Morocco



⚔️ The challenge lay in effectively engaging citizens and ensuring their active participation in the census. With the vast amount of information, it was crucial to bridge the gap between HCP and the citizens, fostering interest and understanding.




💊 The solution involved the creation of a sophisticated and user-friendly website, acting as a centralized information hub. The website showcased the significance of the census, providing real-time updates, operational phase overviews, and avenues for citizen engagement.




📌 The developed website has significantly elevated the visibility and reputation of HCP in executing the 2024 Census Project. It serves as a powerful tool to inform and engage citizens, ensuring prompt updates and facilitating efficient management of census-related information. The project has successfully fulfilled its goal of creating a bridge between HCP and the citizens, fostering a sense of involvement and understanding of the census process.


Collaboration Result



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