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Discover how we assisted MMK Groupe, a prominent Moroccan construction company, in revitalizing their brand identity and optimizing online marketing strategies to showcase their prestigious residential complexe in the famous touristic area in the northern of Morocco, Cabo Negro.

MMK Groupe
Company Site
Cabo Negro, Morocco



⚔️ The client had almost finished the first installment of their residential complexes, and needed a presence online.


Having heard of us elsewhere, the client contacted our Agency in order to spark interest and attract buyers.




💊 After a thorough market research, it was concluded that a new positioning for the brand was needed. A website, being the the company's image, was also a necessity.



In order to boost Casas Del Mar's presence in the market, billboards were advertised in the busiest places in 3 cities, flyers were designed and distributed in ports.



In addition to street marketing, online marketing also played a crucial role in formulating a comprehensive online strategy that encompassed aspects like search engine advertising (SEA), social media management and ads in order to spread awareness.




📌 Our comprehensive marketing strategy has benifited Casas Del Mar greatly. The combination of our actions (Website, SEO, Social Media, Street Marketing, Ads) has driven trafic to the company's Sales Office !


Collaboration result



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