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How to promote an application with a minimum budget?

There are many ways to promote an application. The article briefly explains the ways and best practices.

Content marketing can do wonders, but the result is not immediate as you can start following it at least six months later. The earlier you start blogging, the better. Even before the release, you should have a website with a news section, social media links and a media kit. After the release, all you need to do is add links to app stores on your website. Try different platforms to promote an app: over time, they will become a powerful source of traffic.

What should you package them with? The development process is the most obvious source of content at the beginning of your journey.

Don’t be afraid to show “behind the scenes” as your team sharing the workflow can inspire customer confidence and a sense of brand identity. If you don’t have the ability to create a lot of content, think about how to adapt it to different platforms. For example, just like Kitchen Stories does on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Since you’re putting content online, you need to make sure people can find you. It’s all about SEO. If you don’t know anything about this, take a look at the basics of SEO first. Here are the minimum details required for internal website optimization:

Remove automatically created page duplicates.

Organize Meta tags, title tags and alternate captions for images on the right.
Create a site map.
Master microformats.
Make sure your website is fast.

Once you’re done with internal optimization, move on to external optimization – get as many links to your website from other websites as possible. This is public relations – you can find the details below.


Your website should have an extensive media kit that makes it easy to understand what your application is about. Think of it as a resume for your original idea. Briefly describe your app and its main features, post logos, icons and screenshots in an easy to download form, provide social media links, a promotional video and key contacts.


With a media kit in hand, it’s easier to communicate with the media. You can read about how to get a review for your app here – I’ve collected over forty publications and YouTube channels that produce reviews. Don’t limit yourself to mobile industry media – look for media that is tailored to your target audience. Have you made a handy pedometer? You need a hit on a selection of sports magazines or a review by a fitness blogger to promote your app.

Don’t neglect podcasts, as analysis shows that podcast ads are becoming increasingly effective. If you don’t have a budget for promotion at all, you can access the podcast as a speaker. You will need stories and expertise. At the same time, many small but promising channels are appearing every day.

In the initial stage, their advertising will be affordable. In addition, these podcasts are a long-term source of traffic. New listeners will return to past recordings and follow links (the key is to agree on a link in the description before entering).

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