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Examples of successful digital transformation strategies.

Transformation is very cool to see. The same is true for digital transformation within a company.

There are always many complicated steps that precede the beautiful end result of a digital transformation. Take a look at the machinations of how a digital transformation actually works. By looking at these examples from Emote Digital’s real clients. Learn how a strategy was implemented to completely transform the way these companies operate with even greater success, thanks to Emote Digital.


Suzuki Motorcycles is a huge brand that creates precision motorcycles. What they needed was to be streamlined. Emote was challenged to make the most of digital. Even though motorcycles are typically sold in person at dealerships. This meant solving the lack of visibility around customers to see which dealers have which bikes. There’s a general decline in the motorcycle market. So Emote especially needed a whole new way of thinking to overcome these challenges.


So how did they do it?

It started by considering the customer journey on the website. What they were looking for, what they needed to know, and any obstacles a user encountered that would prevent them from making a purchase. Emote made each page visually appealing to draw users in while clearly highlighting the benefits of each bike.

Adding a search function. Suzuki customers can search for nearby dealerships for different models and filter their search by year and color. With Emote, it was easy and appealing to filter for accessories and services and send a request to the selected dealer. Not only did they take into account the customer journey, but they also took into account the dealers and the company.

Each dealer manages their own promotions and needs autonomy over their sales. That’s why Emote created the ability to expand individual pages and list promotions, certified pre-owned bikes and current inventory.

Given Suzuki Motorcycles’ overall goal to combat the declining market, Emote knew they had to make online shopping even easier and more exciting. That’s why they created Build Your Bike.

By integrating Build Your Bike, customers can now customize their bike online, something that didn’t exist before. Users can then pay a deposit and secure their custom bike or send it to a designated dealer.


This has resulted in a completely streamlined experience between the customer, the dealer, and Suzuki Motorcycles.
The website’s bounce rate dropped by 15% and saw a 33% increase in lead conversion rates.
Customers came in and liked what they saw. By fully embracing digital, Emote helped Suzuki Motorcycles get the most out of their site and adopt a  digital transformation to better capture the sophistication of their product.

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